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Posted on 03-22-2016

Ferrets are fun, energetic, intelligent pets. However, they are also prone to many diseases and therefore require regular veterinary visits.  Some of the most common diseases ferrets are suscepti...

Exotic Pets and Cold Weather

Posted on 02-17-2016

It is important this time of year to be very aware of the dangers that come along with cold weather. We believe that many people are now aware that dogs and cats can suffer from exposure to the extrem...

Heart Disease in Dogs

Posted on 01-27-2016

Many people are surprised to find that their dogs can get heart disease just like human beings. Heart disease can have a devastating effect on your dog’s quality of life. Signs of heart disease ...

Is Chewing Gum Really Toxic to My Dog?

Posted on 01-20-2016

A simple answer to this question is, yes, depending on the sweetener that is used. In years past, we were concerned with dogs swallowing too much of the gum and, literally, having it cause a ga...

Cold Weather

Posted on 01-13-2016

Our animal companions face many new challenges as our weather changes from cool to frigid.  Dogs may have issues going to bathroom in the freezing cold or may avoid going outside when freezing ra...

Giving Pets as Gifts

Posted on 12-09-2015

The internet is full of videos showing people opening up gifts of puppies and kittens and the excited reactions they elicit.  Who wouldn’t love to wake up on Christmas morning to find an ad...

Potential Pet Toxins

Posted on 12-02-2015

Our pets can get themselves into a lot of trouble eating things that are potentially dangerous.  These incidents of dietary indiscretion can often cause panic and concern once discovered.  P...

Please Help Our Feline Friends!!

Posted on 10-28-2015

Cat ownership continues to increase. In fact, in some areas, ownership of cats is actually greater than that of dogs!  However, an unfortunate statistic is that medical care for our feline friend...

Heart Disease

Posted on 10-21-2015

Heart disease does not just affect human beings; it is a problem for all of our animal companions as well. Dogs and cats are prone to various types of heart disease such as mitral valve insufficiency,...

Can I Get Leptospirosis?

Posted on 10-14-2015

     Leptospirosis is a bacterial spirochete infection that is common in many species of wildlife. If your pet comes in contact with the urine of those animals from ponds, streams,...

Rabies Awareness

Posted on 10-01-2015

This week is national Rabies Awareness Week. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to check their dogs’ vaccine status. Rabies is an incurable viral disease that affects mamma...

Does my Pet Need Dietary Supplements and Are They Safe?

Posted on 09-24-2015

     We often get questions concerning the use, or misuse, of supplements in our pets. Many people assume that since the supplements are sold over-the-counter, and that many are th...

A Year-Round Threat

Posted on 09-16-2015

      With our warmer winters and the potential for continued warming with any climate change, the normal activity of many ticks has also changed. Ticks, in most areas of ...


Posted on 09-10-2015

     There are many similarities between our animal companions and their human owners. One of the most recognizable of which is the effect that aging has on us all. Our joints begi...

Behavior Issues

Posted on 08-19-2015

     Many pet owners struggle with their animal’s behavior. Behavior problems can arise in a variety of forms: dogs chewing on furniture, cats urinating outside of the litter...