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The following is a list of answers to the Country Club's most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us. To see the Frequently Asked Questions for the Clinic, click here.

Q: How soon should I book my pet's reservation?

A: We recommend booking your pet's reservation as soon as you know your travel plans. We do fill up quickly during certain times of the year so you want to reserve space as soon as possible. This way you can ensure that your pet has a place to stay in the room of their choice. Call us at 540-943-7577 or request a reservation online.

Q: You are all booked up during the time I would like to make a reservation for my pet. Do you have a waiting list?

A: Yes!  Often times we do have guests make last minute cancellations. We can add your pet to our waiting list for whichever type of accommodation they prefer and we will call you if space becomes available.

Q: What vaccines do you require?

A: All of our boarding requirements including vaccine requirements can be found here.


Q: When can I drop off/pick up my pet?

A: Our Check-In/Check-Out hours are:
     Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
     Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
     Sunday: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (by appointment)

Q: Can I bring my pet's own food/bedding?

A: While we do provide food and bedding during your pet's stay you are more than welcome to bring his/her own food, bedding and toys. We will ensure that your pet keeps his/her belongings throughout their stay and we will do all that we can to follow your specified feeding regimen. We do ask that you please keep in mind the space limitations of your pet's accommodations when choosing which bedding and toys to bring. We want them to be as comfortable as possible during their stay!

Q: Why do you require the Canine Influenza vaccine?

A: We require the Canine Influenza vaccine for your dog's protection. Just like human flu, Canine Influenza is highly contagious and can be deadly. We have guests from all over the country stay at the Country Club and not all dogs infected with Canine Influenza show symptoms. You can learn more about Canine Influenza and the importance of having your dog vaccinated in this video.

Q: How often will my dog get to go outside?

A: All of the Country Club guests are walked twice daily by our Care Providers and Dog Walkers (excluding Senior guests who get unlimited walks). You can add extra walks as an a-la-carte service or as part of an interactive activity package.

Q: Can I see where my dog will be staying?

A: Sure!  Stop by any time during the Country Club's business hours for a guided tour or check out our Virtual Tour.  We ask that you tour the Country Club prior to your pet's stay. If your pet is already settled in when you take the tour, they may become anxious when they see you leave.

Q: What happens if my pet has a medical emergency while I'm away?

A: If your pet requires medical attention in a non-life threatening situation, we will contact you for instructions on how you would like us to proceed. We can have our doctors and nursing staff treat your pet here, transport them to their primary care veterinarian for treatment or (depending on the situation) wait for your return.

If your pet requires medical attention in a life threatening situation, our doctors and nursing staff will treat your pet and will contact you to alert you to the situation. Once your pet is in a stable condition, we will follow your instructions for how you would like us to proceed.

Q: My pet is on medication. Can you administer it during his/her stay?

A: Yes. We can have our Licensed Veterinary Technicians administer any medication your pet requires during his/her stay.

Q: Can you update my pet's wellness procedures and vaccinations during his/her stay in the Country Club?

A: Of course!  Any clinic procedures including wellness and surgical procedures can be scheduled during your pet's stay.

Q: My pet has special needs. Can you take care of these during his/her stay?

A: We can take care of a variety of special needs including pets with trouble seeing/hearing, insulin injections or bone/joint problems requiring the use of ramps.  If, however, your pet requires more intensive care (for example: cannot walk on his/her own), we would recommend "hospitalized" boarding to ensure that your pet gets the proper care they need.