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Qwyll - May POTM

Qwyll is a 23 year old Umbrella Cockatoo with tons of personality! She is a frequent boarder and loves to chat with all of our CEDARCREST team members. She knows lots of different phrases but her favorites include “Hi, Qwyll bird,” “Good bird” and “I love you!” Qwyll likes to mumble at the Care Providers when they are working in her room and knows how to make many different chirping, squeaking and whistling noises. She’s not shy about letting people know when she wants attention. If she hears people outside of her room, she will screech until someone comes in to say hi to her. She also loves bath time! Because she is a Cockatoo, she produces lots of bird dust so she often gets a chance to splash around in the tub! Qwyll is a very smart bird and needs a special clip on her cage so that she can’t open it from the inside! She loves to be picked up, played with and talked to. Sometimes she seems to think our team members are her pets. She has been known to use her feet to gently “pet” them on the arm when they are working with her. Qwyll is always a good bird to have around the clinic and is tons of fun! That’s why she is a perfect pet of the month!