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Digital Imaging

Doctors reading an x-rayRadiography is the use of X-rays to view internal structures in the body.  Bones and internal organs can be visualized to aid in the diagnoses of many diseases and conditions, and assist in monitoring the effectiveness of treatment plans. 

Special procedures including contrast studies can be performed at CEDARCREST to enhance the diagnostic ability of our digital radiography.

We are also PennHip Certified to help in the evaluation of your pet's hips (for Hip Dysplasia).  OFA radiographs can also be used to evaluate both hips and elbows of your dog.

 Digital UltrasoundDigital Ultrasound is a technique used to painlessly visualize many internal organs, to capture their size, internal structure and potential abnormalities. The ultrasound waves are safe and it is a non-invasive procedure.  Many ultrasound procedures can be performed at CEDARCREST with minimal anesthesia or sedation. The digital ultrasound is not a replacement for X-rays and radiography, but rather complements the information obtained by the other imaging methods.


MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
In addition to other imaging techniques, CEDARCREST has access to a local MRI facility. We use MRI as an advanced imaging modality to complement information obtained from radiography or ultrasonography. It is particularly helpful with patients’ lower back and spinal problems or injuries, brain tumors and joint problems. We can use MRI technology to give us better detailed information on the internal structures or organs we are interested in viewing. In many cases an MRI may show problems not discovered by other imaging methods. Additionally, unlike traditional x-rays and C-T scans, MRI uses a magnetic field to create pictures of the internal structures so there is NO damaging ionizing radiation.

Call our office if you have a pet that may benefit from this state-of-the-art technology!