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Endoscopy is a diagnostic service that allows minimally invasive views into your pet without major surgery.  Via fiberoptic fibers, or finely tuned magnified lenses, our flexible and rigid endoscopes are
utilized by our doctors to perform procedures such as rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, otoscopy, vaginoscopy, and even minimally invasive abdominal laporoscopies.

Practical Applications

 Your veterinarian can refer your pet for an endoscopic procedure if your pet has
experienced any of the following problems:

  For Rhiniscopy: any non-responsive nasal discharge or bleeding, chronic sneezing,
                          nasal pain or swellings.

  For Cyctoscopy: chronic cystitis or straining to urinate, or any abnormal vaginal
                           discharge or bleeding.

  For Otoscopy:  recurrent ear infections, possible foreign bodies in the ear canal,
                         or any chronic ear discharge or bleeding.

  If your pet has experienced any of the problems mentioned above, call our office to
schedule a consultation appointment.