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Yellow lab puppySpaying and Neutering your companion animals will help to alleviate the epidemic of unwanted, homeless animals in our areas shelters, pounds, and SPCAs.  Not to mention the health benefits your precious pet will receive.  The incidence of mammary tumors in female cats and dogs can be practically eliminated if they are spayed before they go into heat for the first time.  Each heat cycle that a female dog or cat experiences increases the chances of her developing a tumor at some point in her life.  Males dogs and cats can benefit too!  Intact males have a greater chance of developing enlarged prostate glands and testicular cancer.  Behaviorally, your male dog or cat will be less likely to engage in urine marking, become aggressive towards other males, roam in search of available intact females, and display mounting behavior.

Spaying and Neutering are standard surgical procedures that are routinely performed at CEDARCREST!  As with any surgery, your pet is monitored by our LVTs throughout the entire procedure.  Our DVMs can spay or neuter your exotic pets as well.  We have experience performing these procedures on birds and reptiles as well as small exotic mammals.