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Housing your bird in an appropriate environment is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy, well adjusted pet.  The cage should be as large as an owner can afford, the bird should be able to fully expand its wings from all sides and should be at least 3 times taller than the bird is.  The bird should not be able to get its head between the bars or wires.  It should contain several perches of various sizes, but should not be cluttered.  We do not recommend sand covered perches because they can damage the birds feet.  It is recommended that the entire cage, perches included, be cleaned and disinfected twice a month at a minimum.

A variety of substrate can be used on the bottom of the cage, newspaper, paper bags, or shredded paper, are all good choices and are relatively easy to change.  If shavings or crushed walnuts are used, a grate should be on top of them to prevent the bird from standing in the shavings.  The bedding should be changed often, at least twice weekly, to prevent mold, fungi, or bacteria from growing and potentially infecting you pet.  It is very easy to prevent these infections in pet birds, and can be difficult to treat them, so please keep your birds cage clean!

Fresh food and water should be provided daily.  Feeders should be cleaned daily as well.  Fresh fruits and veggies should be provided daily but should be removed after 2-4 hours to reduce exposure to bacteria that is prone to grow on soft foods at room temperature.  See our section on nutrition for more details about what fruits and veggies are recommended and which should be avoided.