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Exotic Small Mammal


Our veterinarians routinely examine and treat many species of small exotic mammals, including: rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders.  We recommend that all species are fed a nutritionally balanced diet that is specific to the needs of your pet.  Feeding a food that is formulated for a different species is not recommended.  Typically we do not recommend any seed based diets. Block or pelleted diets tend to be more nutritionally balanced and don't allow your pet to pick and chose only the tastiest (and usually more fattening) items. Visit our Nutrition Counseling page for more information about your specific small exotic mammal's dietary needs.

Appropriate habitats are commercially available or can be homemade for many species.  When providing homemade, please take into account that some species need vertical space as well as an escape proof habitat.  Bedding choices are also important.  Pine and cedar shavings can be toxic to small mammals and should be avoided.  Please see our Client Resource page to locate specific links to information for your pet.