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Canine Nutrition

As anyone who has taken a stroll down the pet food isle may have noticed, there is an almost overwhelming number of dog food choices. We recommend choosing a high quality brand and then a variety that is appropriate for your pet, whether it be puppy, adult, senior, weight control, etc.Dog - Dachshund

Most high quality brands will print feeding recommendations on the bag. Every dog’s energy needs are different, but these recommendations provide a good starting point. If you are having difficulty keeping your pet at a healthy weight, then it would be a good idea to schedule an appointment to set up an individualized weight loss plan for your pet. 

If you think you dog may have food Allerigies, call our office for an Allergy Consultaton Appointment! 

We do not currently recommend any dietary supplements if your pet is on a good quality food. Many food companies do extensive research to ensure your pet’s food is nutritionally complete as is.

If you are looking for a good treat for your dog, then look for low calorie options. You can also take some of your dog’s daily kibble allowance to use as a treat. This will reduce the size of the main meal, but is a good healthy alternative to treats. Finally, you can show your pet how much you really care when they are begging for food by giving them love, attention and some healthy exercise instead of treats. We think most pets would agree that time with their favorite person is far better than a treat that is gone in a gulp.