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Ferret Nutrition

White ferretFerrets are carnivores like cats. This means that they would eat a meat diet in the wild. However, ferrets have dietary needs that are different from cats. In the past it was recommended to feed ferrets a cat food diet. This has lead to problems like bladder stones. Fortunately, ferret specific diets have been created that greatly reduce to risk of this disease. There are several options available at local pet stores.

In general, ferrets should have food available at all times. Given enough quality time out of their cage, ferrets tend to stay a healthy weight. You may notice that your ferret gains weight in the winter and then slims down in the spring. This is normal for a ferret.

There are treats available for ferrets in most pet stores. These should be given sparingly to avoid an overweight ferret. There are also liquid fatty acid products available that many ferrets adore. A small amount can be applied to the food or placed on a finger to be licked off. This makes a good treat and can improve coat quality, but, like other treats, should not be overdone.